How to enlarge the penis possible ways

For years, anthropologists have been discovering ancient and less ancient cultures that have practiced penis enlargement for decades, but it is rare to find any mention of this in popular science literature. Fifty years ago, there was an open discussion in the medical literature about penis lengthening. However, light-loving, Puritan morality has severely limited the scope of any serious research on how to enlarge the penis. Fortunately, the impending sexual revolution has forced us to rethink the way we study the human body, and some progress has already been made in studying and understanding the functioning of the male penis. Although the medical institution continues to insist that penis enlargement is impossible, hundreds of men can easily refute such claims from their own experience.

penis enlargement surgery

Ways to enlarge the penis have many options - from logical to budget. Here are some of the most popular penis enlargement methods that have been tried for centuries, including a few that are just amazing and very promising.

All these methods of penis enlargement are given only for the purpose of informing you, nothing more.

Any advice, any recommendation should be obtained from a licensed private practitioner. If you want to try on yourself some of the methods of penis enlargement given here, keep in mind: do it at your own risk.

Penis enlargement methods are divided into four categories:

genetic manipulation

How to enlarge the penis possible ways

The size of the penis, such as eye color, figure, physique, skin tone, are inherited from us. If your father or grandfather had a large penis, then you have every chance of having exactly the same penis. The "keys" to understanding the hereditary size of the penis are hidden in the secrets of the DNA molecule - this double helix that stores genetically encoded information.

Large chunks of DNA are the same in all people. After all, we all have ears, legs, kidneys, etc. But there are areas of DNA that are amazingly different in different people.

In such areas, a short "extra DNA" appears. These areas, whose functions are not yet fully understood, are repeated all the time, like a broken plate. In these remarkably diverse areas can be identified those characteristics that distinguish one man from another - hair color, eyes, nose shape, blood type, height and, of course, the size and shape of the male penis. Each individual (except the twins) has their own unique "extra DNA", their original model. Forensic scientists use the fingerprints of this DNA (which can be isolated from a drop of saliva, blood or semen) as a reliable tool to identify a suspected criminal.

Scientists will isolate a gene from DNA that determines the size of a man's penis.

Researchers have recently embarked on one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by man. In the framework of international cooperation, using powerful high-speed computers, scientists intend to create a "gene map" or a kind of "encyclopedia" of hundreds of thousands of genes that make up the DNA molecule. When this program is completed in the next century, scientists will be able to identify specific genes that cause inherited diseases. Eventually we will find out which genes make our eyes blue, which make our hair curly, which causes freckles. In addition, a gene that determines the size of a man's penis will be isolated from DNA. With the help of genetic engineering it will be possible to provide each penis that he likes the most.

Surgical penis enlargement

How to enlarge the penis possible ways

Penis enlargement surgery became known to the general public in 1991, but has a much longer history. In the 1970s, an American surgeon opened a clinic in Tijuana, New Mexico, offering a wide range of penis enlargement services, including non-traditional and experimental methods such as glans enlargement, root augmentation and silicone injections.

Although the increase in penis size happened almost immediately and made a strong impression. But the filling material somehow shows a tendency to accumulate in the middle of the penis, which leads to unnecessary and unpleasant-looking thickening. Men who received such injections 10 to 20 years ago are now beginning to suffer from the bad effects. Many have even gotten rid of silicone through surgery. Another disadvantage of this method was that it only leads to thickening of the trunk, but does not lengthen the penis and does not enlarge the glans penis. As a result, the different parts of the penis seemed disproportionate.

Earlier, in the 1960s, Dr. Bihari in Egypt developed his method of penis lengthening. Hundreds of desperate, adventurous men have spent huge sums on flights to Cairo to try this method for themselves. The results were varied.

While some recognized that their penis had lengthened by 5 cm, others did not notice any growth at all. However, the initial enthusiasm has apparently diminished due to the inconspicuous results and the high cost of both the operation itself and the plane tickets. By the 1970s, men began using safer and more reliable methods, such as vacuuming the penis, which has now become a popular pleasing enlargement that has thousands of followers around the world.

Manual methods for penis enlargement

How to enlarge the penis possible ways

The manual method is the same bodybuilding, but is aimed at a specific part of the body - the penis. When we want to build an athletic figure, we go to the gym and work purposefully under the guidance of a coach. With regard to the penis, we can pointlessly stretch and knead the penis, but will we achieve the result this way?

  1. The vacuum method is a non-surgical method that consists of prolonged gradual stretching of the organ. This method is also called the vacuum pump method, hyperemia. Vacuum pumps are manual and computerized. In the latter case, the penis is placed in a tube and negative pressure is created around it. The penis enlargement program with a vacuum pump is designed for 1 year. The first 16 weekly sessions are held daily. Then - 1 time in 3 days. The session lasts an average of 30 minutes. The results show that patients who have fully followed the instructions and recommendations achieve an average penis lengthening of 3 cm per year. The quality of the erection did not change.
  2. The traction method is non-invasive, based on the principle of "stretching" the tissues. If certain parts of the body (fingers and toes, ears, lips, neck, etc. ) are subjected to constant stretching, then the cells in this area beginto divide, thus increasing the volume of this tissue.

There are special devices - extensions made of plastic and silicone, which allow you to maintain traction of 900-1800 g. They are easy to use, not visible under clothing. To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to withdraw daily, 8 hours a day for 12-20 weeks.

Negative aspects of penis enlargement: there may be pain at the beginning of the use of the extender, the use of the extender is limited in patients with diabetes, liver and circulatory system.

The maximum penis enlargement that patients who follow all the rules have managed to achieve is 2, 5-3 cm. It should be remembered that extenders have the greatest and long-lasting effect after surgical lengthening of the penis, if used in postoperativeperiod.

Penis enlargement with supplements

How to enlarge the penis possible ways

The safest and most importantly proven method of penis enlargement to achieve results. The increase is due to the process of growth of new tissues of the penis, achieving an increase in muscle mass, as in bodybuilding. The growth of new tissue in the penis occurs during sex, but this process is slow and little by little. Therefore, the size of the male penis during life increases by 3 cm per year. But you can speed it up!

It has been experimentally proven that the ligaments of the penis have a high potential for stretching. They can stretch, increasing the amount of erectile tissue filling. The best of the supplements dilates the blood vessels of the penis beyond physiological capacity, providing super high levels of blood circulation in the penis. The number and diameter increase. This leads to even greater stretching of the ligaments of the penis, etc. In the end, it is these ligaments that cause the extra length and mass of the penis both at rest and during erection.

When taking supplements, you can rest assured, as penis enlargement drugs give results in the shortest possible time. The penis will become bigger and bigger in an erect state with a higher quality of erection and the possibility of longer sex.