How to enlarge your penis with baking soda

Penis enlargement with soda at home can be done in different ways. Each of them is worth considering in more detail.

Oral administration

Penis enlargement with soda can also be done by oral intake of the product. To do this, prepare a solution of half a teaspoon of the product and a glass of milk. The resulting product is taken every day for a month.

Baking soda improves blood circulation, which helps in penis enlargement. The product also has a positive effect on sperm quality and viability.

Soda solution helps not only to increase male dignity, but also to cleanse the body, prevent the formation of malignant tumors, normalize metabolism and remove excess body weight.


The intestines are the most important digestive organ. If there are problems in its activity, the blood supply to the genital organs is disturbed. That is why it is believed that by cleansing the intestines you can achieve better results in penis enlargement.

Microenemas with soda solution are used for cleaning. It is prepared as follows: a large spoonful of sodium bicarbonate is poured with a liter of warm water, previously boiled. Enemas are given once a day. The course of treatment is 30 days.

Lye baths

Another way to enlarge your penis using baking soda is to take alkaline baths. To do this, dissolve 500 g of soda in 3 liters of water, then add it to the bath. The water temperature should be comfortable for the body. It is recommended to take a bath for no more than half an hour, and after finishing use a contrast shower.

Soda baths help the manhood to grow thicker and longer. In addition, this method allows you to prevent the occurrence of inflammation of the prostate gland and genital organs and rid the body of harmful substances.

bicarbonate of soda bath for penis enlargement

After a bath, you should take a contrast shower to restore normal blood circulation.

You can also prepare concentrated baths in which you simply have to sit

In this case, the content of soda for male organ enlargement will be higher, so it is important that there is no damage to the skin of the penis. Otherwise, an unpleasant burning sensation will appear


A good option for penis enlargement with soda is the application of compresses. To do this, mix 10 large spoons of the product with a liter of hot water. Then they take a strip of natural fabric, dip it in the solution and wrap it around the penis.

Leave the compress on for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

It is recommended to perform the procedure 3 times a day. Thanks to it, blood flow quickly increases, which leads to the lengthening and thickening of the male genital organ.


Penis enlargement with baking soda can also be done through massage. The procedure helps to improve blood circulation and normalize metabolic processes. All this has a beneficial effect on improving the size of the manhood.

The massage is performed as follows:

  1. The skin of the penis is first heated. To do this, you can use a cloth soaked in hot water.
  2. Wet your hands a little and pour a small amount of baking soda on them.
  3. The reproductive organ is massaged with light rubbing movements, moving from the base to the frenulum.
  4. After the procedure, the soda product is washed off with warm water.

It is recommended to massage in the evening before going to bed. After the procedure, you should lie down for a while and let your body relax. The frequency of the massage is 2 times a week.


A special soda scrub is prepared to enlarge the penis. To do this, make a mixture of water and food product in a ratio of 1: 1. The result should be a paste. To improve the effect, add to this mass a small spoonful of liquid honey and a few drops of essential oil, which can stimulate blood circulation.

The water in this recipe can be completely replaced with vegetable oils. But just don't use a sunflower product. Thanks to them, in addition to the expansion of the genital organ, it will be possible to improve the condition of the skin, accelerate the healing of tissues and prevent the development of inflammation.

To enlarge the penis, you should apply a thin, even layer of scrub on its surface and rub in circular motions. It is recommended to perform the procedure no more than 3 times a week.

penis enlargement scrub

How can you enlarge your penis without creams, ointments and pills?

It can be said that all methods of penis enlargement without surgery, ointments and other pharmacological products show effectiveness, which cannot be said about methods for lazy people.

The "apply and forget" approach in this case is hardly acceptable: after you have set the goal of adding a few extra centimeters, you will have to follow the recommendations of specialists with maximum diligence and maybe even resort to a combination of several methods.

All penis enlargement techniques have one of two goals:

  1. physiological increase in length due to tissue expansion;
  2. activation of the "pumping" of the cavernous bodies, that is, simply the fight against weak potency.

Surprisingly, sometimes the latter approach is even more effective: disturbances in the functioning of the prostate and the cardiovascular system may simply not allow the "neighbor from the lower floor" to develop its full potential.

If in an excited state the male organ is always vigorous, hard and can remain so for several hours, then the lack of length can only be resolved by surgery or moderate injury.

More mature men should take the size of the penis as an established constant and focus on a healthy lifestyle to avoid problems with potency.

Other folk methods

Many men believe that stronger erections have occurred after they quit smoking. This is true because nicotine destroys testosterone, the hormone responsible for the functioning of the penis.

You should limit your intake of alcoholic beverages, as alcohol reduces the production of male hormones. You don't have to give them up completely, but you should clearly know the limits when consuming whiskey, cognac, vodka and beer.

To improve blood circulation in the penis, you can also take contrast baths before going to bed. You should immerse yourself in hot water with a temperature of about 40 degrees, and after a minute, immerse yourself in a container of cool, 20-degree water for a minute. The procedure is repeated several times.

To strengthen the erection for a short time, apply a cold compress. Approximately 500 g of crushed ice should be wrapped in several layers of cheesecloth. Then apply this pack on the body areas in a strict order:

  1. skull base,
  2. ribs near the heart,
  3. scrotum.
bee products for penis enlargement

Now we know how you can enlarge your penis at home using folk remedies. Using these products, men achieve excellent results. A specialist will tell you about penis enlargement at home in the video in this article.

You can also change the volume and length of the penis with the help of a pump, extender and attachments.

The first method enlarges the penis by placing it in a vacuum environment. It activates blood flow, blood rushes to the phallus, as a result of which not only the length but also the diameter changes

It is important to regulate the level of pressure so as not to injure yourself with overzealousness

The expander is a special device that attaches to the belt or hips. The device is called an alternative to surgery, it helps not only to change the parameters, but also to remove the curvature of the organ. The device must be worn for several hours a day, during which time the tissues of the organ stretch and begin to grow to relieve the tension. Wearing an extender helps you increase your size permanently.

penis enlargement extender

Attachments are an option for men who need to lengthen their penis during intercourse. A silicone device is placed on the phallus, thanks to which it changes its size. There are various models on sale that allow you to independently determine the necessary parameters.

One of the ways to change the length of the penis with the help of improvised means is by hanging weights. The method is quite controversial, because in an effort to achieve faster results, men often injure tissues and corpora cavernosa. The mechanism of action is the attachment of weight to the organ, under the influence of which the penis is elongated.

honey for penis enlargement

Sometimes men are not dissatisfied with the overall size of the penis, but seek to enlarge the head of the penis. There are various exercises for this, one of which is performed as follows:

  • You need to sit on the edge of the chair and spread your legs wide;
  • Squeeze the phallus at the base;
  • Hit them on the thighs one at a time.

Each man independently chooses the method that is suitable for him, and he should be fully aware: penis enlargement is a lengthy procedure. To get a lasting effect, you need to make an effort and remember about regularity.

Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump is an enlarging vacuum-constrictor device that can be used to painlessly and quickly increase the diameter of the phallus. The simulator consists of a cylindrical plastic flask and a vacuum pump. During classes, the flask is placed on the penis and pressed tightly against the pubis. The air is then pumped out of it using a pump.

Vacuum pumps are very often used to permanently correct the size of the penis immediately before intercourse. To achieve permanent enlargement of the phallus, you must regularly use the trainer for six months.

Technique for using a vacuum shrink device:

  • insert the unerected phallus into the opening of the cylinder;
  • press the pump firmly against the pubis;
  • using a mechanical bulb or an electric pump, pump the air out of the device;
  • after an erection occurs, lower the flask down;
  • After 15-20 minutes, turn the check valve to let air into the cylinder and remove the pump.

It is not recommended to use a vacuum pump for people with cardiovascular diseases.

  • Anyone who is interested in the question of how to enlarge the penis himself is probably familiar with these devices. They have completely different principles of operation, but perform one task - resizing.
  • The vacuum pump works by increasing the pressure in the flask that contains the male genital organ. This enhances blood circulation and leads to active growth. The method is combined with special exercises and massage. The duration of the procedure is short, so you can perform the activities daily, and the result will not take long.

The extender works on a different principle; the product is a product whose design allows you to stretch the penis. First, it is fixed in the groin area and fixes the organ with a special clamp, expanding it.

penis enlargement with pump

Initially, the device was used to correct the shape of the penis, but over time, many men began to note another positive property of the device - an increase in male "dignity". Then active research began, and after a while, production began.

If you still have questions about how to enlarge the male penis with the help of a vacuum pump and extender, contact a specialist in a medical institution.

If a person is interested in how to temporarily increase his dignity, it is worth considering the features of using special attachments. They do not significantly increase the "economy", but only act as an extension cable. Just insert the product and fasten it, then apply it with an intimate lubricant and you can start intercourse. The sensitivity of the man decreases, but the sexual partner experiences incredible pleasure.

Why does the penis lose sensitivity?

The low sensitivity of the phallus leads to the formation of an aversion to sex, since the man does not feel anything, the excitement passes and satisfaction does not arise.

Causes that lead to reduced sensitivity:

  1. Phimosis (too narrow foreskin) leads to the fact that during friction the head will not be exposed and stimulated.
  2. Problems with the spine, especially in the lumbar region. Injuries, tumors, disc prolapse and other pathological processes cause disruption of nerve conduction in the area responsible for the genitourinary system.
  3. Circumcision leads to a thickening of the head of the mucous membrane (due to the lack of a protective foreskin), so all sensations will be dull.
  4. Complications after surgical interventions (increase in size, correction of curvature) in the form of damage to the dorsal nerve.
  5. Consumption of harmful substances (ethanol, alcohol, drugs).
  6. Too strong or frequent masturbation, using a vacuum pump, rubbing the skin on rough clothes - the penis gets used to the intense impact, the natural sensation in the vagina seems weak.
  7. Mechanical injuries (tear of the frenulum, swelling, etc. ).
  8. Inflammatory process (infection leads to a decrease in the reaction to touch, cut, pain).
  9. Diseases that lead to damage to nerve endings (diabetes, neuropathy).
  10. Hormonal imbalance (lack or excess of adrenaline, prolactin, progesterone, TSH).

After studying the main causes, the specialist chooses ways to restore sensitivity.

With what means can you enlarge the penis without surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery gives a positive result in 95% of cases. However, not all representatives of the stronger sex decide to undergo surgery. Some people don't have the budget, some are medically prohibited from having surgery, and some just don't dare. In the modern world, there is a huge variety of home methods to increase the size of the penis:

  • Various ointments, creams, gels and sprays. Ointments are one of the simplest ways to enlarge the penis, but not all means give results. Before buying, be sure to study the composition of the drug and reviews of the product so as not to fall for a dummy. This type of product should be used once or twice a day, applying in circular motions to the penis. The course of use is from one month to three.
  • Massage and various exercise techniques. This method of penis enlargement is the most popular because it does not require money and can be done at any time. The disadvantage of this method is the long wait for the result. The course of procedures is from six months to one year.
  • Jelqing is the best method for penis enlargement. The idea is to stretch the penis from the base to the head. Stretching the organ is no less effective. Improper massage and exercises can lead to serious injuries to the penis.
  • devices. The extender is an effective and convenient device for penis enlargement. The principle is simple: stretching the organ for a long time.

The pump works differently. The vacuum created in it increases the blood flow to the penis, due to which enlargement occurs. A course on using devices to achieve lasting results for six months or more.

cock ring

Medicinal herbs

There are various options on how to enlarge your penis using folk remedies and methods without pain and suffering. For example, you can try special gymnastics for the penis. This type of physical exercise helps to pump up each organ and consists of three stages: stretching, milking and breathing exercises.

Stretching is done manually, using lubricants, to gently and gently stretch the penis to its maximum length. Once the penis reaches an erect state, the second stage begins. Wrap the penis in a warm, damp scarf or rag and gently massage the glans with two fingers from the bottom up through the fabric.

Adjust the intensity and duration of the stage yourself, because such movements often cause orgasm in men. Milking should be done only after the penis is well lubricated so that your hands can slide over it without hindrance. This procedure should be done every day for 5 days with a break of two days and then continue. But if you feel even the slightest discomfort, it is better to stop such activities.

Another stage of increase is the performance of breathing exercises. To do this, you need to sit comfortably, relax, take a deep breath with your lungs and exhale deeply with your stomach. Repeat this exercise 50 times and then move on to the penis. Hold the genital organ with the scrotum in your right hand and massage the pubis 81 times in a clockwise direction with light circular movements.

Another option for solving the problem is the use of herbs and herbs. Usually, this method of penis enlargement causes the least harm, but has enough health benefits. Herbs are always available for use, they are cheap and, if used correctly, are harmless to the body. Treatment with this natural method requires patience, but gives a long-lasting and noticeable effect.

Pour 100 grams of chopped thyme with boiled water and cool. Drink the resulting infusion for 4 months before breakfast and dinner. Strictly adhere to the schedule, because even if one day you forget to drink the infusion, you will have to start all over again.

  • Grind 200 grams of garlic in a meat grinder and dilute it with the same amount of alcohol. Let the mixture stand in a dark and dry place for 10 days and then drink it twice a day for 25 drops for three months.
  • pour one teaspoon of wormwood with cold water and boil this mixture. Then strain the drink and drink half a glass three times a day.
  • Mix one liter of cow's milk with one kilogram of butter and the same amount of chopped asparagus. Add 90 grams of carrot and turnip seeds to the resulting mixture. Boil everything until it thickens and after it cools, drink the drink 80 grams a day; you can also rub infusions of hawthorn leaves, Korean ginseng, and ginkgo into your penis every day.

And also for penis enlargement tinctures are used: cordyceps, shiitake, meitake, reishi, ginseng root, gentian root, wormwood seed, anise seed or Siberian asparagus root. To do this, the raw materials must be filled with vodka or alcohol and left to brew for 3 weeks. Take one tablespoon of tincture before meals.

Does traditional medicine contribute to growth?

Folk remedies take first place in terms of popularity. Everyone who wants to know how to really enlarge the penis has heard more than once about the effectiveness of folk remedies.

If you want to know how to really enlarge your penis, consider the following herbs first:

  • thyme;
  • wormwood;
  • garlic;
  • aloe juice;
  • ginger root;
  • rosehip etc.

Creams and ointments are prepared from these ingredients, which makes it possible to have a local effect on the disease.

Traditional medicine also includes non-traditional methods, for example, the use of petroleum jelly or "Zvezdichka" balm. Their action is aimed at increasing blood circulation, due to which the corpuscles and skin of the penis enlarge, after which the penis itself enlarges. Before that, however, you should definitely consider how to enlarge your penis the old-fashioned way to reduce the likelihood of complications and side effects.

Different generations of men are turning to traditional medicine to increase the size of their reproductive organ. These tools are still used today. A time-tested method, which undoubtedly speaks of its effectiveness. Using baking soda is the easiest and cheapest way to add a few inches to your penis. Also, there are three different ways to use it:

  1. Drinking a diluted soda solution. A mixture of half a teaspoon of soda and 150 ml of water should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach for 2 weeks. After this time, not only the penis should increase by several centimeters, but also the erection will improve significantly.
  2. Wetting the penis with a soda solution. The essence of the method is as follows: a clean and dry organ is moistened in a solution (1 teaspoon of soda per 200 ml of water). You don't need to rinse your penis afterwards. The procedure is performed 2 times a day for at least a month.
  3. Rubbing an ointment of honey and soda. A mixture of equal parts honey and soda is prepared. The ointment should be applied to the entire length of the penis before going to bed for 15-30 minutes.

Herbs are another equally effective way to enlarge the penis. They can be consumed both boiled in teas and as part of various nutritional supplements. Herbs that have a positive effect on penis growth include:

  • Ginseng. Contraindications for use are heart diseases, benign and malignant tumors.
  • Ginkgo biloba. Contraindications: convulsions.
  • Peruvian poppy. There are no contraindications for use, but if there is a slight deterioration in health, use should be stopped immediately.

It is best to consult your doctor before using any medicinal supplements.

You should not expect huge results from folk remedies. However, adding 2-3 cm to the size of the penis is quite possible, despite the fact that the method often does not require any financial investment or the costs are minimal.

Don't get discouraged if you don't see results after a few weeks of training. The first visual changes are usually noticed only after 3 months of regular work on penis enlargement.

Natural remedies and herbs

A popular method of penis enlargement is still taking various tinctures and herbal extracts. The best known is a decoction of ginseng and tribulus. The ginsenosides contained in these herbs stimulate the nervous system, improve blood circulation, stimulate the production of own testosterone, which leads to a more complete filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood.

There is still no official data on the effects of these plants on the penis, but based on many reviews, it can be concluded that the potion works. You can take ready-made extracts of ginseng and tribulus in the form of tablets or capsules.

And also for penis enlargement tinctures are used: cordyceps, shiitake, meitake, reishi, ginseng root, gentian root, wormwood seed, anise seed or Siberian asparagus root. To do this, the raw materials must be filled with vodka or alcohol and left to brew for 3 weeks. Take one tablespoon of tincture before meals.

Ginkgo biloba

This plant can cause a strong flow of blood to the penis. Despite the conflicting conclusions of many researchers, the plant is widely used to treat impotence and penis enlargement. Ginkgo Biloba is sold in pharmacies (tea, capsules).

Ginkgo Biloba should not be used if you are prone to seizures or in combination with aspirin and other blood thinners. A doctor's consultation is necessary.

Maca peruviana

They contain active components - macamides, which can increase the size of the penis and erection in a short time. No research has been done on this plant, so care should be taken when using it.


Experts have long come to the conclusion that fat men have a penis length 1-2 cm shorter than the representatives of the stronger sex who do not have problems with excess weight. This fact has been proven by numerous studies and studies. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that part of the genital organ is hidden in the pubic area under fatty tissue. In this case, losing weight helps to deal with the problem of small penis.

We must remember! An unhealthy lifestyle affects not only a man's health, but also the size of his penis. Bad habits that appear at an early age can cause a delay in the development of the reproductive organs, which is extremely difficult to change.